Learn How To Easily Make Powdered Sugar At Home


This is a video that all bakers will appreciate! Have you ever gone to make that cake icing and found you are out of powdered sugar? In this video, Gemma Stafford will show you how to create a delicious powdered sugar in only a few minutes. All you will need is granulated sugar, powdered sugar, and a blender. Simply blend the two ingredients together for several minutes and you will have light and fluffy powdered sugar.

It can be so aggravating wanting to bake and finding you do not have the right ingredients. Instead of heading out to the store for some powdered sugar, you can now make it yourself and you will be amazed at how easy it is! Just make sure you watch the entire video so you will know all of the instructions. Now, you can simply refer to this video anytime you need powdered sugar and are out. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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