Learn all about family values the RAP way!


How well can you rap? If you love rap, you are sure to try it out in a party and that’s no surprise. Well, we all have heard young boys and girls rap their way to glory and create music! But what happens when an 80-year-old Granny decides to teach the young ones with the help of a rap and interestingly, the topic being family values!

This is exactly what happened on America’s Got Talent Audition Season 7 where a woman going by the name of Granny G came on stage to perform a rap in front of the audience and the judges! The rap is absolutely entertaining and well-made and talks about young boys who need to respect family values. She talks about how important it is to stand by your children and not deprive them of the family they truly deserve.
The old lady’s energy and activeness on the stage is truly worth witnessing who is trying to make the young generation realize what family and its importance is!

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