Learn How to Make the Most Adorable Mini Bakery Display With Real Treats


Ann Reardon, the host of How to Cook That, is one of the most inventive bakers you will ever see make a video. In this video, she is showing how to make her delightful mini bakery, complete with a sales counter with real macaroons, brownies, cakes, and chocolate bars. This project is truly one you have to see to believe because it is so intricate and beautiful. This would be perfect to make with a child and would be a wonderful display for any party.

Ann shows how easy it is to create this beautiful project, step by step. While there are many steps, each one is fairly easy and the process comes together perfectly, as long as the directions are followed. Once everything is in place, you will have a beautiful miniature bakery that truly looks so real. Although the bakery treats are perfectly edible, you will likely think they are too pretty to eat! Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see this video and learn how to make this project.

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