Learn How To Make A Beautiful Crochet Slipper With A Flip-Flop


This video tutorial will teach you a super-easy way to make use of your old foam flip-flops or a new pair. These crochet slippers are very easy to make and they are truly adorable! If you watch the entire video, you should have no problem making these delightful slippers which can be worn indoor or outdoors with ease. These make the perfect gift for all the females in your life and they will love them all the more because you made them yourself.

These can be made in a wide variety of colors and you can purchase the flip-flops for really cheap if you do not have any on hand. All you need to complete the project in this video is a pair of flip-flops, some tacky glue, a puncher, and yarn. With your crochet hook, you can make beautiful slippers. After you enjoy this informative video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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