Learn How To Make Your Own Bubble Gum For Bubble Blowing Fun!


Jen, from Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio, loves creating all types of tasty treats for her fans to enjoy. In this video, she has created a tutorial to teach everyone how they can make their very own bubble gum. First, she makes a bubble gum that is flavored with cherry Kool-Aid. She then makes a grape flavored bubble gum from Jello. Finally, she creates strawberry bubble gum from candy flavoring. This is a video all bubble gum enthusiasts need to see!

Can you imagine all the flavors you can create with this easy recipe? You simply need gum base, powdered sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring. Although it takes a bit of kneading, the recipe is easy to create and the kids can help out once the gum has cooled. This is perfect to make with the kids and they will love creating their own flavors! Check out this bubble gum video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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