Learn How to Make Edible EOS Lip Balm Chocolates – Perfect for a Girl’s Birthday Party


EOS lip balm has become a favorite among females of all ages because of its unique appearance and creamy texture. Although these look just like traditional EOS lip balms, they are made entirely from candy and are completely edible! This video comes from Jen at Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. She always presents amazingly imaginative ideas to share with her fans. This video shows how easy it truly is to create this unique candy that would be perfect for a girl’s birthday party.

Jen lists everything you will need to create these delicious treats. They look so real when finished, everyone that sees them will be amazed they are not the real thing. These would be perfect to serve at a girl’s night-in party where everyone is getting a makeover! If you love chocolate, you are going to adore watching this video and letting your creative juices flow so you can get started on making your own EOS lip balm creations. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends to enjoy!

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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