Learn How To Make Your Own Fabulous Vietnamese Pho Bowl


If you have ever enjoyed a steaming bowl of Pho at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant, you know how incredibly delicious it is. When you get a craving for this simple soup, you will no longer have to pick up takeout because you can make it at home once you watch this video. The rich flavors seem complicated but the soup could not be easier to make!

This soup is full of flavors like rich beef, fish sauce, onions, and ginger. The biggest part of the process is creating the rich broth that is so full of flavor and so good for you. Once you have mastered making the broth, you can create all types of Pho bowls with a variety of different ingredients. This is the perfect recipe to make when you are craving something warm and soothing. You will love this amazing video because it shows you how easy it is to make the soup. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.