Learn How to Make Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream With Laura


There is nothing more tasty in the hot summer months than some home churned ice cream! If you have never made your own ice cream, you will not believe how truly easy it is! In this video, Laura teaches us how to make our very own delicious rocky road ice cream. Rocky road is made with chocolate ice cream and peanuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows are added in. Chocoholics will rejoice at this video and want to make their own version right away!

This recipe is truly easy to make so almost anyone can do it. If you follow Laura’s techniques, you will have a velvety smooth, rich ice cream that is perfect any time of the day. This video will make your mouth water and you will love Laura’s zany dance moves as she waits on her ice cream to finish churning! If you love ice cream, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy!

Laura in the Kitchen

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