Learn How To Make a Makeup Cake For A Female Birthday Party


Ann Reardon has done it again! She always comes up with the most amazing dessert treats and this is one of her best. In this video, you will see her put together a makeup cake that features a pink makeup bag and tons of brushes and makeup. This cake is almost too gorgeous to eat. Although it involves a lot of steps, it is not too difficult to put together if you follow the exact steps Ann lays out in the video. The end result is truly astonishing!

Imagine being able to make lipstick and nail polish that is completely edible. The makeup bag and its contents look so realistic, you will almost think you can use them to fix your face. The ideas Ann comes up with on a regular basis are mind-blowing! This would be the perfect gift for a bachelorette or female birthday party. Watch this amazing video and see the cake unfold. Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends to see.

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