Learn How To Make This Whimsical Shopkins Mary Wishes Cake


Ann Reardon is creating beautiful magic in this video! If you are a fan of Shopkins toys, you will love this whimsical cake which looks just like Mary Wishes. This cake is so adorable, you will think it is too cute to eat but it is actually full of delicious cake. Can you imagine serving this at a child’s birthday? The kids would absolutely love it! Although this cake involves many steps, it is not too difficult to make if you follow Ann’s directions.

This is the kind of video you watch while sitting back in utter amazement. Even if you think you will never create this kind of masterpiece, you will want to watch in awe as she does her magic. It is mesmerizing to watch her so easily create each cake or dessert masterpiece because she makes it look so easy. If you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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