Learn How Super Simple It Is to Make Your Own Homemade Tater Tots


Most everyone enjoys tater tots now and again. Fried perfectly crispy, they are the perfect accompaniment to a hamburger or hotdog. Unfortunately, the store-bought types often are not that healthy and can even taste like cardboard. Thankfully, chef Laura has come up with a beautiful recipe in this video so everyone can make homemade tater tots with ease. These taste so much better than the store-bought version and your kids will be begging for more!

For this recipe, you will simply need about a pound of potatoes, some granulated garlic, parsley, salt, flour, and vegetable oil for frying. This video shows you the exact techniques you will need to use to create the perfect tater tot texture. The process is super easy to carry out and you can get the kids involved in helping you make them. Watch this video to learn how to make these crispy delights and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

Laura in the Kitchen