Learn How To Turn A Normal Pumpkin Into A Disco Ball


In this creative video you will learn how to turn a pumpkin into a Halloween inspired disco ball. First, start by cutting the top of your pumpkin off and then with a spoon carve out the inside. After you are finished removing all of the insides, next you will need to get a screw driver and poke holes all over the outside of the pumpkin. Make sure to make your way around the entire pumpkin placing holes everywhere. To speed the process up you can also use a hand drill.

After you have poked all of the holes then you are going to need to take some string and place it inside of one of the holes. Then tie a knot on the end of the string. After you are done with one side, poke the other end of the string into another hole across from the first. Repeat this process with another string which will give you something to hang your pumpkin disco ball from.

After you have the two string handles, you can then tie a third string onto the handles so you can hang it from the ceiling. After you have tied your pumpkin to the ceiling, place a flashlight with strobe capability inside of the pumpkin and dim the lights. Make sure to SHARE this amazing and fun video with your friends on Facebook.