A Letter From a Disabled High School Student Led to the Creation of a New Shoe For Disabled Folks


The manufacturers of many products have a tendency to neglect disabled people for many reasons when they are designing their products. In some cases, this is just because they don’t think of them or they don’t think that the new designs are going to be profitable. One of the great things about the type of shoe advertised in this video is the fact that it can be worn by disabled people and able-bodied people alike, which makes it a versatile product.

The shoe came about because a high school student with cerebral palsy wrote a letter about how frustrating it was to have help when it came to tying his shoes, which is certainly a problem plenty of disabled people have. This is a shoe that looks like most shoes, but people can slip out of it from the back, eliminating the problem. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since it illustrates the importance of helping disabled people rather than just forcing them to adapt.

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