The Life Hack You Never Knew You Needed: Cutting Rope Without Scissors (or a Knife)


You never know when you’re going to need a good life hack, so any time you get the chance, you should take advantage of learning one. This time, this clever little video shows you a real good life hack, and it’s one that I think everyone should learn: how to cut rope without scissors, and with no knife, either.

All you need to cut a piece of rope is your two feet, and a little creativity. Simply place the rope under your feet with a little slack in the middle, then take the other end, and feed it the opposite way underneath it. Your feet give you the leverage you need, then you simply pull up and “saw” your way through the rope. It’s fast, and it really works! It may be done with a string, a regular rope, or even a thick nylon rope. Any rope can be cut with this method — and fast.

You really need to watch this video and see how it’s done. After all, you never know if you might end up needing to cut some rope in a pinch. For instance, you may be in a position to save the world, and might have to tie up some bad guys, right? Could happen. Really, though, you never know why you might need to know something until it actually happens – and this is pretty cool. So, check the video out, then please SHARE on Facebook so everyone else can learn, too!


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