The Life Story Of Shirley The 52 Year Old Elephant


Shirley is a 52 year old elephant that is one of the many Asian elephants that live in a man made environment and not in the wild as all should live. Shirley’s life story is one that generates mixed feelings as she played in a circus before she hit the age of 30. Later, she suffered an accident when a boat she was being ferried in collapsed but, she got rescued.

Little did she know that she was going to be involved in a second accident that would change her life completely. She got attacked by another elephant that injured her leg; meaning that she could no longer survive among other elephants.

Solomon volunteered to take in Shirley under his care knowing very well that feeding her and giving her a home would never be a substitute to the company of her fellow elephants. In this video, you will know of her entire life story and get to see of the care she receives and the place she now calls home.Please SHARE this video on all Social Media platforms and let everyone know about Shirley’s story.

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