Light and Fluffy Beignets are Easier to Make Than You Think!


Beignets are traditionally fried and piled high with powdered sugar that gets everywhere as you take each luscious bite. In this video, Gemma Stafford teaches us how to make a much lighter version that is baked and not fried so it is lower in calories and fat and still has that delicious taste and texture beignets are known for. If you have never tried this delicious treat, make sure you watch the video in its entirety so you can learn how super easy it is to make them.

This special beignet dough is a yeast-based dough so it creates a light and fluffy finished product. Although these take time to make, the finished beignet is well worth every minute spent! When you see how light and fluffy these turn out, you will want to make them right away and serve them for your family who will love them. If this video makes you hungry, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

Gemma Stafford