Like A Boss – Dolphin Slaps Ipad From Lady’s Arms!


The dolphin in this video clearly was not ready to be entertaining. Perhaps he is fed up with everyone staring at him and his friends all the time so he decided he was going to get even. This guy seems to just want to play around and have fun but he may have gone a little too far. When he playfully slaps the Ipad from the woman’s hands, she tries her best to grab it but it goes in the water.

Can you imagine explaining this one to the insurance company? “Sure, lady, a dolphin grabbed your Ipad and threw it in the water!”. This woman truly has quite the story to tell. It is so funny to see the dolphin as he flips the Ipad in the water and then he and his friends proceed to splash the entire crowd of onlookers. Check out the fun of this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.