Listen to Jessie J’s Emotional “Purple Rain” Tribute for the Late Prince


Since Prince’s death, many people have posted a tribute video or performed live to honor the late singer. Though he had a host of songs in his long career, it seems many people are being drawn back to his iconic hit, Purple Rain. While no one could quite perform it like Prince, Jessie J puts her own unique spin on this classic which is full of so much emotion it will have you in tears.

Whether you are a Prince fan or simply love the musical stylings of Jessie J, this is a live performance video you will not want to miss. The raw emotion in her voice as she clearly mourns for a fallen idol will have you mesmerized from the first opening lines! Her beautiful rendition is haunting and emotional and will leave you wanting more. Check out this cover of Purple Rain and reflect on your own memories of Prince. After you watch this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.