Listen To Pastor J. John Explain What It Is Like To Be A Pastor


In this very funny video, a Pastor by the name of Pastor J. John does his best to explain to the crowd what he tells people when they ask him what he does for a living. He starts by explaining how he told a person that he was sharing a flight with what he did for a living. After the woman passenger told him what she did for a living, he started to explain to her that he works for a company that is in just about every country in the world.

Once he is done with his elaborate explanation the woman he is talking to seems confused and asked what the company he works for is called. Then he tells the woman that the company he works for is the church. This makes everyone in the crowd cheer loudly and they even start to laugh! This video will have you laughing out loud. Please make sure to SHARE this super fun video with all of your Facebook friends and family.

Trinity Broadcasting Network