Listening and Viewing One of Adele’s Soulful Performances

Adele is one of the most popular singers of today. It is difficult for modern singers to achieve the fame and fortune that was more common for the singers of the past, no matter how talented they are. There is too much competition for modern singers. In this video, Adele demonstrates all the reasons why she has managed to succeed today, even in a world in which singers have to struggle to get noticed.

Her performance of Someone Like You has that textured, soulful quality that has made Adele famous. She injects a lot of personality and emotion into each and every one of her performances, and that quality is on full display here. She also shows off her impressive vocal range and the fact that her voice can effortlessly fill an entire room, even one as large as the Royal Albert Hall. Even people on Facebook who aren’t huge fans of Adele would love this video.

Mel Buck

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