Little Beagle Saves Ex-Military From PSTD. I Love That!


Peter Coukoulis served in the Army for 3 years. When he returned home, he found it hard to re-adjust into the civilian life again.

Just 3 years after leaving the military, Peter started suffering from PSTD, a serious mental condition that could really make a person’s life miserable. It’s characterized by flashes of memories of someone’s hard times, and so you can imagine how much it could affect an Ex-marine.

When she noticed what was happening, his mom, Dena, knew what to do. A week before Christmas, the family gathered around Peter, and then they presented him with a nice box. A little Beagle came out, and that changed Peter’s life forever. Turns out, all he needed was a small dog as a companion. His reaction? Touching!

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