A Little Boy Who Aspires to Be a Bull Rider Like His Father Gets to Meet a Famous Bull Rider

The FOX5 Surprise Squad in this video manages to give a little boy the treat of a lifetime. The boy in the video tragically managed to lose his father to cancer, and he now lives with his grandparents. His father was a bull rider, and he now wants to be a bull rider like his father when he grows up and gets the chance. He and his family go to live bull rides all the time.

In this video, the Surprise Squad gives him the opportunity to meet one of the famous bull riders who he admires, as well as some of the famous bulls that he likes. It is possible that this meeting will give him all the inspiration that he needs in order to become a famous bull rider in his own right one day. People should please SHARE this sad yet touching video on Facebook, passing on the inspiration.

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