Little Boy Cannot Wait For His Pastor To Baptize Him!


The boy in this video is too adorable for words. He gave his heart to the Lord Jesus and wanted to be baptized to show his faith. After waiting what seemed like forever to be baptized, the day finally arrived and he was so excited he could not contain it. As he waited in the water for the pastor to speak about his baptism, he grew a little too excited and said he would do it himself! He pinched his nose and dove right under the water in utter excitement.

This is one of the cutest video moments you will witness. The joy of this child is real and he has waited way too long to share his dedication to his Savior. Evidently, he thought the pastor was taking way too long to talk so he wanted to jump in and take matters into his own hands. After you enjoy this funny video, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.