Little Boy Learns Very Quickly How Life Can Be Disappointing!

This little boy is about to be in for a rude awakening and it will make you laugh till your sides hurt! He is faced with a gorgeous scientific reaction that has produced a beautiful bubble. As his dad asks him does he want to poke it and make it pop, he excitedly says yes. Just as he lifts his hand to do so, fate steps in and the bubble pops without his intervention. This video is one of those that will make you laugh each time you think about it.

You will not believe the expression on this little boy’s face as he realizes he was cheated. Unfortunately, this is life and it is good that he is learning it at an early age because there will be many more popped bubbles in his future. This is a video you will not be able to get enough of so you are lucky it plays on loop! Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.