Little Boy Swallows Metal Brush Bristle After Parents Clean Grill


If you own a grill and use a wire brush to clean it, you need to make sure you watch this video! The little boy featured in this news story had a painful injury caused by one of the bristles of the brush. His parents had decided to BBQ and cleaned their grill first like most people do. Little did they know, a wire had come loose from the brush and would later end up in their son’s burger.

When the little boy began eating his burger, he suddenly cried out in pain and said he felt like he was being stabbed by a needle! They rushed him to the emergency room and an X-ray showed the metal bristle was lodged in his throat. Thankfully, they were able to remove it and the boy did not suffer any major harm. This video should serve as a warning for everyone to throw away those brushes. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.