Little Girl Is Amazed When Fairies Build A Tiny Door Inside Her Bedroom!


The little girl in this video is a joy to watch! Can you remember a time when you were innocent and the world was a big magical place full of endless possibilities? As you watch this video, you will see the little girl discovering the fairy door for the first time. When she sees the door, she can’t believe it and her reactions are so cute, you won’t be able to help but smile! She is so excited when her mom reads the note and she learns the fairies will come visit her.

Even though this little cutie is excited about her new friends moving in, she is still a little skeptical. At one moment in the video, she says she thinks her daddy put the door there. When she shows her mom the tiny bottle of glitter, her smile is beaming. What a fun way to encourage a child’s imagination! Make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

Jen Elzinga