Little Girl Amazes Judges on The Voice Kids


Imagine being no more than ten years old and walking onto a stage in front of a live studio audience and a panel of judges who are judging you strictly on your voice.
While many of us would show fear in that situation, even as adults, Chelsea comes out on the stage during an episode of The Voice Kids and surprises everyone in attendance.
Producing vocal abilities in hopes of moving to the next level of the competition, the young girl brings enough joy to the judges to inspire one of them to dance on the spot.

The young girl chose to sing a rendition Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys and almost immediately, two judges who were only able to listen to her voice, turn around wanting to add her to their team of singers. Chelsea blows the judges away, bringing tears to one’s eyes and most certainty producing chills on all of the audience members.
Well deserving of her standing ovation, Chelsea shows us how to live in the moment and inspires everyone to pursue their dreams.

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