Little Girl Captivates Her Dog As She Plays A Game Of Pretend


The little girl in this video is playing pretend with her two toy dogs while her real dog sits and watches. He is amazed at the scene playing out before his eyes and cannot seem to get enough of the action. It is so funny to watch him so intently gaze upon the little girl as she acts out her storyline with the two toys. Perhaps, he wishes he could play with her too!

Sierra is the little girl in this video and her dog clearly adores her! She could likely stand before him and talk about toilet paper and he would be absolutely enthralled. Hopefully, Sierra realizes how much her doggie loves her and she will play more with him than her toy dogs. Samson is his name and he loves a good game of pretend. Make sure you watch the video in its entirety and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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