This Little Girl Cries When She Finds Out That She Is Eating Animals


This video will really make you stop and think about what you eat. This little girl has realized that what she is eating is a turkey that once was alive. She gets really upset when she finds this out and starts to cry. She tells her father that she does not want to eat animals anymore. Then he asks her what would she like to eat instead of animals. She then asked what a vegetarian eats and her father told her vegetarians only vegetables.

The little girl has a lot of questions about why animals need to be chopped up so that we humans can eat them. Her father is doing his best to explain why people eat animals. But in the end he agrees to help her find out how to be vegetarian and she stops crying.

This little girl really loves animals and she never wants to eat them again. Please make sure to SHARE this video with everyone you know on Facebook.


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