Little Girl Demands Her Daddy Does Not Stop Hugging Her While She Is Being Rocked


As this sweet little one is being rocked by her Daddy, he tries to lift his hands away from her but she is not having it! This cute video will have you smiling as you see how she reaches back and pulls his arms back around her each time he lets go. The sweet interaction between these two is something every parent will appreciate. You will love every moment of magic this video offers!

There is something special about the bond between a little girl and her Daddy. It is clearly evident this little sweet one loves her Daddy and enjoys each moment they spend together. Her bedtime is a special time the two of them can bond like never before. You will laugh as you see her asserting her “authority” over her Daddy and making him comply with her wishes. Enjoy watching this adorable video and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others to appreciate.