Little Girl Sends Her Great Grandma A Letter To Heaven And Got A Response Back!


This is one of those videos that deeply touches your heart and makes you believe in miracles! The little girl in this video was deeply missing her great grandma one day so she decided to send a little message to Heaven, in the hopes her grandma would see it and know she loves her! She wrote a little note and attached it to a balloon which was sent high into the sky. She and her mom could not believe what happened next!

One day, Bella and her mom arrived home to a most unexpected surprise. It seems someone had found Bella’s note and they had written her back and included a beautiful locket with her name on it. The note said, “Grandma is always with you and loves you!” This changed this little girl’s life forever and has touched her family so deeply! After you have watched this sweet video, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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