Little Girl Uses Her Dog’s Tail to Paint a Beautiful Picture


When you see this video, you will immediately begin to laugh at what this little girl is doing with her dog! As you will see in the video, this little one loves to create paintings. When she didn’t have a proper paintbrush to use, she simply borrowed the dog’s tail! What a sweet moment between these two! It is clear to see this dog loves his little girl and is very patient with her.

As she dips the dog’s tail in each color of paint, he just sits there and patiently allows her to use his tail, never seeming troubled by her actions. This is a beautiful moment this little girl will be able to look back on when she is grown and smile every time she sees it. When you see awesome interactions between children and animals, you simply cannot help but smile. If you think this pair is adorable, Please SHARE on Facebook!

Lance Ellis

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