A Little Girl on The Voice Kids Gives a Fantastic Performance of a Classic Frank Sinatra Song


Frank Sinatra songs seem to belong to every generation. The little girl in this video was born well after Frank Sinatra’s death, and yet she is singing one of the songs that he helped popularize. Her take on it is very different from his.

Her sweet and high-pitched voice makes the song sound very different, particularly for the people who are more familiar with Frank Sinatra’s version. However, this strong difference is one of the reasons why her version is so impressive. It is always interesting to see genuinely different takes on classic songs. If everyone performed them in the same way, the additional performances would seem redundant.

Seeing female singers perform the songs of male singers adds another interesting layer to these performances. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since the very young singer’s performance was excellent, and fans of Frank Sinatra might appreciate new takes on his songs.