Little Gymnast Makes a Return Trip to Ellen to Get the Biggest Surprise of Her Life!


Emma and her Mom, Annie were recently on the Ellen show so the world could learn about Emma’s amazing gymnastics talent. During that show, Ellen learned Emma’s Daddy was away serving in the military and Emma coped with missing him by receiving a Hershey’s Kiss each night before bed. In this video, Emma and her Mom are back to show off Emma’s new glasses and to show the sweet stuffed kitty her Daddy got her. When you see this adorable interview, you will not be able to contain your smile!

It seems Ellen has been working with Emma’s Daddy to help bring him home for a surprise visit. When Emma and Annie find out he is there, they cannot believe it! As you see this sweet reunion, your heart will melt. Emma is so thrilled to have her Daddy with her and this is one moment she will likely never forget. Watch this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.