A Very Little Kid Tries to Climb Into a Dog’s Bed and She Gets Her Blanket and Lets Him Stay There


Dogs often reveal that they understand more of what is going on than people usually acknowledge. They have been living among humans for thousands of years, and it makes sense that they’re going to be able to adapt to a lot of human behavior as a result. The dog in the video here seems to understand the concept of sharing beds and making room for other individuals, which is a skill that a lot of young children do not even understand very well.

The little kid in the video is trying to get into the dog’s bed. She seems to acknowledge this, and she goes and pulls out her blanket, allowing her to sleep in a different location. Then, she seems to nudge him forward to signal that it is fine for him to stay there. People should please SHARE¬†this video on Facebook, since it is adorable to watch, and it even says things about animal behavior.