Little Mommy Bunny Refuses To Let A Snake Kill Her Babies!


This video showcases the heroic actions of a small mommy bunny and her refusal to let a snake have her babies. As she was out foraging for food, a snake took the opportunity to try and make a meal of her babies. When the mommy bunny came back to see her babies in harm, she did what any mother would do and fought back with everything she had! This mom proved that a mother will do anything for her children!

Not only does this mommy bunny chase off the snake, she does not let it end there. She chases him away and continuously bites him to let him know he better never come near her babies again. After the wounds he sustained, this snake will likely think twice before he goes into a bunny burrow again! If you think this mommy bunny is amazing, Please SHARE on Facebook so the entire world can view her heroism.