Living and Driving in a Micro Mobile Home That is Capable of Being Pulled Around By a Bicycle


Living in a mobile home is going to be a cost-effective vacation option or even living option for a lot of people. However, many of these individuals are still going to have to pay for the gas that they need in order to get around, and they’re going to be carting around this very large mobile home.

In this video, people will get the chance to see a mobile home that is small enough to be towed by a bicycle. It’s a small mobile home that isn’t much bigger than a shed, but it is still large enough for a kitchen and for enough living space. Naturally, this is also one of the most sustainable living space options that people are going to find anywhere. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many people might be interested in owning something like this, and it provides a glimpse of an interesting way to live and to travel.

Kirsten Dirksen