Lonely Emu Finally Has A New Friend, His Thrilling Excitement Is Infectious. Watch!


Below, you are meeting acute pup which has been spending some made pen for a while now. It is understandable that such a creature is lonely since it is not accustomed to staying unaccompanied, so it’s very logical that it would long for some real friendship. However, what you might not anticipate is a response like the one you will see in this clip when they eventually meet up someone. Prepare yourself!

So this is Emee, an infant emu that has been staying with his calm family. Emee was an isolated hatch and doesn’t have any pet pals near her. But, this kin turn outs to have a dog as well, and now Emee is going to meet up Molly for the first time. This is getting overwhelming!

Watch the video as Molly eventually gets to walk into Emee’s area, and they both see each other. She must party. It is something interesting. See how she leaps around and even tosses herself to the floor to party this brand new buddy.

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