It Looks Like A Dirty Rug From A Distance. But Wait And See The Pretty Dog Behind The Fur!


Dogs are the most used and misused animals that we keep as pets. They are used by government agencies to help keep the public safe. Dogs are also used to help people get around or just live slightly comfortable due to their disabilities. We have heard cases where they have saved little children fromsnakes or other dangerous animals in the wild. However, despite all those good deeds that dogs do to us, you will still find people who are ready to mistreat them just to amuse themselves.

That was the case in the video below. Silky is an adorable little dog that was neglected for a long time for reasons known to its previous owner. When it was rescued, it looked like a rug that needed to be washed and ironed. His luxurious fur was matted and looked like it would take many washes before she looked like a real dog again. Thanks to the good work done bythe rescuers, Silky is now fine and ready to be adopted by a loving family.

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