Lost Teddy Bear Is Returned To His Owner After FT. Lauderdale Airport Shooting


Rufus is the teddy bear a little girl was missing after she and her mother had to evacuate the Fort Lauderdale Airport where five people were gunned down in a shooting. After the shooting, the mother of the little girl reached out to the police to see if anyone had seen the bear. Thankfully, they were able to get in contact with her and Rufus will be heading back to his rightful owner soon!

What a touching story this is! This video shows the bear sitting and waiting on his flight. Out of tragedy, comes a little joy! The airport is still working tirelessly to reunite passengers with their belongings that were left behind in the chaos of the shootings. Hopefully, this is the last tragedy this airport ever has to face! The little girl in this video can now look forward to being reunited with her special teddy. Check out the story and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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