A Lovable Sloth Very Gradually Moves in For the Sake of Hugging a Young Girl Offering Flowers


This lovely video manages to demonstrate interesting sloth behavior while still showcasing a truly loving moment between a human and a sloth. A young girl visits with a sloth who is in a sanctuary. She offers the sloth some flowers in a clear gesture of compassion. The sloth is hanging from an indoor branch and responds to the gesture in a way that is very characteristic of a famously slow and gradual sloth.

The sloth methodically moves from one branch to a closer branch in order to get to the human visitor. It takes over a solid minute for the sloth to get to a position in which the adorable animal is even able to receive a hug. However, it does happen, and the two of them manage to embrace at their own pace. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it manages to be strangely educational and endearing.

The Leatherback Trust