The Love Story of a Couple That Inspired ‘The Vow’


If any proof was needed how good a love story it is, that is was turned into a film is surely enough. The Oprah Winfrey Network caught up with Krickitt and Kim Carpenter, who have been married for more than two decades, but had much of their memories erased after suffering a near-fatal accident a mere 10 weeks after the two tied the knot.

The pair were involved in a car accident which left Krickitt in a three-week coma. Upon waking up, he was unable to remember anything, even his wife who he had married only two months ago. Oprah Winfrey found about their story in 1996, and decided to chase them up to see how they were getting on a whole 18 years later.

The story, which details their true love and ability to stick it out through the toughest of times, was so moving that it became the plot of ‘The Vow’, a successful Hollywood movie. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.