Lun Lun The Giant Panda Gives Birth To Adorable Twins!


Lun Lun is a giant panda that is living in the Atlanta Zoo. When her keepers found out she was expecting twins, they anxiously awaited the day of birth. When it came, they were able to get it all on film. The first twin comes out squealing with all its might and mom quickly comforts her baby and awaits the birth of its sibling. She seems almost shocked when baby number two pops out! If you have never seen a live birth, don’t miss this video!

It is so awesome to be able to witness such a momentous event! This video is a rare find and a joy to watch. It is amazing how animals just instinctively know what to do with their offspring. Lun Lun is truly going to be a wonderful mother! After you have enjoyed this beautiful video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can watch and be amazed.