Magical Love Story Unfolds And It Is Not What You Are Thinking! ~ Harvey & Harmony


There is something truly magical about love and it can be experienced in many ways. In this video, you will get to see a pup who has fallen head over heels in love with a beautiful poodle. This funny advertisement video is quite creative and will have you in stitches. Whoever thought of this brilliant ad is truly a genius who deserves to be honored with their creativity.

This is the story of Harvey and Harmony, two pooches who met through a speed dating gathering where no cats were allowed. This pup uses the power of TV advertising to help convince his owner to let his love, Harmony, move in with them. When the owner steps aside and lets her through the door with her suitcase, he gets much more than he bargained for! This is a video you have got to see so don’t miss it! Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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