This Magician Has Taken His Act To The Next Level


During this crazy looking video, you will find someone doing something very dangerous! This video, which takes place in China involves a magician who is riding on the side of a bus. It appears that the man is flying in the air. But he is simply attached to the bus and the driver of the vehicle is the one who is in actually control of the situation.

This stunt was very big and everyone around noticed what was going on. All this attention brought the cops in and they gave out several tickets to those who were involved. Now this group of pranksters will have to pay up to three heavy fines. The police are taking this incident very serious, because it put people’s safety at risk.

Even thought the video was really funny, we still have to take into account that people could have gotten hurt during the process. Please make sure to SHARE this video with everyone you know on Facebook!