A Magpie Successfully Mimics a Baby During Its Indoor Flight


When most people think of birds that are capable of mimicry, parrots are going to come to mind before most other birds. However, plenty of other birds are capable of mimicry. Seeing these sorts of birds imitate human sounds can be even more surprising, since people aren’t as conditioned to expect it. People who watch this video will be able to hear this magpie manage to imitate a baby.

The video is full of a lot of other sounds, and people might want to listen to it twice in order to make sure that they actually catch the magpie doing the imitation. The magpie spends a lot of time flying through the room in the video. As such, the video functions very well as an animal video in general, and not merely a video involving an animal stunt. Plenty of people on Facebook would love this video, and they might find it surprising at first.


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