Maine Police Officers Salute K-9 Dog Before He Is Put to Sleep

If this video does not bring tears to your eyes, you may need to check your pulse! This news story is one that will absolutely break your heart but it needs to be seen. Sultan was a K-9 dog who worked tirelessly for nine years on the force. As you likely know, that is 63 years in dog years! When he began to grow old and feeble and his health was failing, his owner had no choice but to put him down so he would no longer have to suffer. When the police force learned their partner would be put down, they made sure he was honored every step of the way!

The officers all gathered together to say their goodbyes and salute their faithful K-9 friend. They escorted him to the vet in style, to show their love and appreciation. Although it was truly difficult for them to say goodbye, it was best for Sultan. Now, he is no longer in pain! If this video breaks your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook to honor this sweet dog and his faithful service.

Portland Press Herald

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