A Majestic Black Arabian Show Horse Manages to Trot in a Way That Looks Like She’s Flying


Show horses have to have a certain look, and they also have to have a certain athleticism about them. The Black Arabian show horse in this video manages to have both in spades. She’s tall and has a great shape, as well as the sort of tail that people would associate with show horses. In this video, people can see her trotting back and forth in such a way that she seems to be nearly gliding across the field.

Lots of horses look clumsy while they trot, since trotting has a casual look to it. She manages to do so smoothly, which only makes the act of trotting look completely different. This is the sort of performance that horses can usually only give after years of training, which is that much more impressive on a horse that is thirty-two months old.

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