Make Your Own Air Conditioner and Cool Your Room for Pennies a Day!

If you live in a hot climate you know how essential air conditioning can be. The welcome relief from the heat can make any day more bearable! Although it can be expensive to purchase and operate traditional cooling units, this video will teach you how you can create a DIY project that will keep your room cool and inviting all summer long. With the power of a fan and the cooling sensation of ice, you can create a cool environment by making an air conditioner cooler.

When you watch this video, you will be amazed how truly easy it is to create this unique project. It costs much less than a window unit and works much better than a simple fan. These cooler air conditioners can even be run off of solar power so there is no cost involved in operation! This is the perfect summer project to keep you cool and comfortable as the heat grows more intense. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn how to make this project!

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