Make This DIY Faux Brick Wall and Cover Those Unsightly Boring Walls in Your Home


When the Sorry Girls were faced with a dilemma in their bedroom makeover project, they took to the Internet to see what could be done. Their goal was to have a faux brick wall placed behind the bed, but because they rent their property, they could not make any structural changes.

In this video, you will see the results of their project and learn how you can easily make it for yourself. All you need are sheets of styrofoam insulation board, paint, and a plastic welder tool. This project could not be simpler to make and since it is not permanent, it can be moved to different areas of your home with ease.

This video is so easy to follow, almost anyone can recreate the results in a short amount of time. The welding tool makes it extremely easy to make the styrofoam look just like a brick wall. Once you have checked out this video for yourself, Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends and family.